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Our new website is finally here!

After many years of requests and some changes in the business, we now finally pleased to be launching our new website.

Our website will become a showcase for our lovely and more obscure pieces of pre-owned models we receive including Live Steam, G Gauge and O Gauge being the predominate categories to keep an eye out for.

New models from the ever growing list of manufacturers will be listed for pre-order. It is impossible for a small business like ours to stock every single item that is currently being released and therefore we will be moving more towards a pre-order operation (this doesn't meant to say the shop will not continue to be well stocked!).

We have taken the time to look at the best pre-order functionality for the website and are pleased to offer a zero deposit system. We understand that circumstances change, so you will be able to cancel any order up until the time of dispatch. However, it will at least give us a steer on what our order quantities should be - the crystal ball is slowing being retired! 

We hope you find our new site easy to navigate and to use. It is new for us too, so there maybe some minor glitches in the system so please feel to point these out to us if you see them. 

Enjoy your ride on the Footplate!