Rapido Trains Port of Par Bagnalls

Rapido Trains Port of Par Bagnalls

In OO Gauge its the Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0ST. The Port of Par Bagnall models have been designed using works drawings to ensure accuracy and feature a variety of livery options covering their history, including those sported in preservation. This models take over from the Y7 as Rapido's smallest loco to date!

‘As preserved’ lined light green and 1960s dark-lined green livery versions will be available as part of the Port of Par Twin Pack special editions. In addition to the two incredible models of Alfred and Judy, these packs will feature an Illustrated booklet describing the history of the locomotives, and a postcard print of an exclusive Jonathan Clay painting. All are beautifully presented in a charming wooden box. Two single locomotives will also be available in other liveries carried by the individual locomotives – this time in a standard box.

Modellers can look forward to a smooth-running mechanism with flywheel, plunger pickups, a factory-installed speaker on all models, and a Next18 decoder socket fitted under the tank. There will also be separate tooling to accurately portray the slight differences between Alfred and Judy correctly. The model is currently in tooling and Rapido hope to have some spectacularly small samples shortly.

Prices as follows:

Single Loco DCC Ready - £118.95 (RRP £139.95)
Single Loco DCC Sound - £212.45 (RRP £249.95)
Twin Pack DCC Ready - £237.95 (RRP £279.95)
Twin Pack DCC Sound - £424.95 (RRP £499.95)