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'Shorty' Salmon Wagon


We are pleased to release our Salmon wagons back on sale for a discounted price!

In January it was released that a production issue meant that the wagons were released 25mm shorter than the prototype, therefore sales were suspended pending investigation. However, although rectification work is ongoing and the wagon will be re-released to the prototypical length later in the year, we have a stock of the original 'shorty' Salmon wagons available for sale.

We have taken the decision to release a quantity to the marketplace at £29.95, some £20 less than the RRP. All models will be sold in their plastic packaging only without the outer box.

Purchasing a 'shorty' salmon will mean you are not eligible to receive a replacement body for the prototypical length when they are released.

Customers who purchased the wagon at the full RRP have been contacted directly.

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